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Conscious Couture strapline of preloved designer clothing consignment store

Starting out in 1998 on Battersea Park Road, we began our journey of circular trading preloved designer clothing. Often emphasising the sales of ball dresses and statement pieces, we were the go-to for accommodating fabulous nights out across London.

As we moved through the early 2000’s and witnessed a shift of attention toward more sustainable methods of purchasing and caring for clothes. We began finding our feet as a fashion destination for all types of new and preloved designer clothing and accessories. Welcoming designer garments of all sizes, our accommodating collections have always offered a safe and joyous shopping experience for those seeking sustainable luxury.

We have moved through various trends in our time of business, from low-waisted Rock and Republic jeans to the Balenciaga Triple S chunky trainers. Re-Find has been there throughout and we have always taken pride in our current, on-trend nature.

After 22 years and 5 refurbs, we stand tall, sensational, and sustainable focusing on the after-life of garments and assisting them in fulfilling their second lease of life. We have met many amazing customers along the way who we hold strong personal relationships with, beyond the means of the store. Re-Find has homed some wonderful memories and stored amazing pieces including vintage Hermes scarves and Chanel blazers. Our avant-garde shop design is representative of the extraordinary care that is put into our craft and the breath-taking items that we house.

As ethical methods of shopping hold strong significance in our current climate, the onus that is placed after-care initiatives is greater than ever before. For 22 years, our mission has been to offer sustainable luxury by extending the life of garments. Operating with a 100% waste free policy, Re-Find offers the option to donate clothing if it has not been sold during its time on the shop floor, guaranteeing that we cover all areas of circularity. Recycling both our tags and our bags, and functioning in a space that is 98% plastic free ensures that we stay true to our eco-friendly ethos.

Stay stylish, stay sustainable, shop Re-Find.

July 22, 2016
A Sensational and Sustainable Dress agency

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