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Why you should sell/buy

with Re-find

We have a beautifully designed High Street store in the heart of London, as well as an e-commerce presence. Re-find promises authentic high quality curated clothes in an environment where our expertise is readily at hand. Our loyal followers are given weekly updates about our latest arrivals in a tailored email.

From the classic ‘little black dress’, to much sought after Hèrmes, Birkin and Chanel bags and much, much more!

Re-Find offers the best in ethically sourced designer items using London’s best contact list. We also phone and message customers immediately when a requested item arrives.

Our ethos is to extend the lifespan of luxury goods. With the fashion industry classed as the second most polluting industry to the planet, our concept is a positive step forward to preserving not just the environment but the finest items of luxury designer clothing and accessories.

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6 great reasons to sell with us:

1. Your items are much more likely to sell quickly because we display in-store and online.

2. We match newly arrived stock to our extensive client base who are waiting for our call.

3. Our extensive knowledge of the market place means the price we suggest is fair to both buyer and seller.

4. The price we suggest is the price you receive. When selling with other methods you may have to constantly reduce your price in order to make a sale, against many other similar items.

5. We have 22 years of experience and expertise.

6. We WILL sell your items