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Dress agency london

A Sensational and Sustainable Dress agency

Re-Find London is a dress agency in the heart of Battersea that has been ethically sourcing designer items for over 22 years.

Our ethos is to extend the life of luxury clothing and accessories, in turn saying NO to fast fashion! We’re helping to end landfill and the harmful effects of the fast fashion textile industry through circular trading. Trading in each other’s goods is nothing new and has been around for the millennia.

Our logo is the Scarab beetle, which harks back to the ancient Egyptians. It represents mortality, transformation and resurrection; perfectly mirroring the Re-Find fashion ethos.

Inside our amazing 98% plastic free store, we have brought the outside world. Our vibrant green natural moss wall acts as the perfect backdrop for our Instagram posts. Reclaimed tree trunks decorate the shop and act as shelving for Chanel and Hèrmes bags while branches gathered in Battersea Park are used as the clothes hanger in our changing room.

When customers visit our dress agency, they are greeted by a rainbow of stunning designer pieces. A large glass cube stands proud in the centre of the boutique displaying a treasure trove of designer sunglasses, jewellery and accessories. ‘Conscious Couture’ is Illuminated on the back wall highlighting our ideology. It’s perfect setting for a carefully curated collection of Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Gucci etc.

Our knowledgable staff have a famous black book where you can enter your details and tell us your wish list. We will contact you the moment your desired item arrives in store. You will be in good hands with Maxine and her team celebrating 22 years of experience and expertise in circular fashion. Re-Find is home to an enviable range of luxury designers. With new items arriving daily, we have this seasons must haves and key trends alongside rare classic vintage pieces. 

Care for your clothes like the good friends they are, every girl needs a little black ethical dress!

May 13, 2020

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